Savage Tide 2011

Session #11

The party makes a perilous journey back from the Rakasta weapon's cache.


Unable to carry the entire cache of weapons located at the Temple of the Jaguar, the party chooses some of the finest samples to take back with them to Farshore, where they plan to dispatch a recovery team for the rest of the horde. Along the way, however, they are beleaguered by perils of jungle travel without a proper guide, and finally, ambushed by men pretending to be olman rangers, as best as could be guessed. This ambush had no hope, you think, of preventing your return. At best they could have been trying to delay you. Evidence suggests the men were from Farshore, but nobody recognized any of them in particular.


  1. Someone is trying to keep you away from Farshore.


  • 800 pit trap
  • 50 vine
  • 535 spider
  • 400 dinos
  • 1600 “Olman” ambush



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