Savage Tide 2011

Session #12

The party lands in Zombieland.


The first time the party sailed into Verik’s cove Farshore was on fire. This time the place was deadly silent and still. As the sloop closed on the dock a pair of Farshore’s residents could be seen rushing toward the end of the pier closely chased by a trio of zombies. Just as the couple reached the end of the dock the zombies caught the man and simultaneously he pushed his companion off into the water and safety. He was pulled to the deck and got his brains et before the party could intervene. Having been informed of the location of Farshore’s residents the party bravely rushed in toward the chapel where they hoped to help keep the people safe from the zombie raiders. After a speed-bump of an encounter with zombies who hemmed them in, the party reached the chapel and were admitted. Inside, tensions were high as the colonists regarded the olman visitor, an emissary from the village of Tanora who had answered the party’s request for military support against the pending pirate fleet attack. The zombie master recounted what he knew of the events leading up to this perilous state, acknowledging that he’d animated the zombies, as is the olman custom, but that he’d lost control of them somehow. It was only once the zombie master’s acolyte was pressed that the first inkling of suspicion was cast on the colony’s chaplain. Seeing where all the questions would inevitably lead, the priest fled the hall and took a stand outside the sight of all the innocent villagers. Despite his insistence that the party had it all wrong and that his intentions were noble and loyal to the colony, the party embraces alternative diplomacy until he surrendered to their custody.


  1. The acolyte said he saw someone in a dark cloak enter the warehouse, but honestly could not identify the intruder.
  2. Both priests registered as “evil” under detection, but just because they’re evil doesn’t mean their actions are bad [for the colony].
  3. The priest never admitted to anything, nor was seen to do anything untoward by anyone except the party members. He was never definitively pegged by an eye witness as the culprit, not is the means of the olman zombies’ corruption known.
  4. There is no way the priest, as strong as he is, could command so many zombies.
  5. His agenda seems related to a general animosity toward the olman, and a rejection of their beliefs and customs. But that’s just what he said while channeling negative energy at you and zombies who seemed to be on his site were trying to eat your brains.
  • 400 attack at the docks
  • 535 attacking town
  • 1600 role play in chapel
  • 1070 showdown with priest


  • 4,038 gp ea ( out of 5,000 gp I ball parked at last session)
  • sale of emerald anaconda skin
  • reward for rakasta weapons
  • value of priest’s magical equipment
  • add 134 gp ea. for knowledge nature check on prep of anaconda skin



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