Savage Tide 2011

Session #14


  • 400xp :: rock slide trap
  • 800xp :: centipede swarm
  • 1600xp :: dwarf and his magma hurlers
  • 1070xp :: puzzle (ladle thrown into the pit)
  • 1200xp :: skeletal champion boss level
  • 5600xp :: story award for discovery and correct understanding of 3 1/2 of 6 key story components (9600 possible xp)


Lavinia’s reward for copper recovered from Lord Manthalay’s property is factored into the cumulative gp figure below.

  • 6981gp ea.
  • 300gp potions of cure moderate wounds (2),
  • 250gp elixir of hiding (2),
  • 250gp elixir of swimming,
  • 750gp Kaava musk (Sargavan “goop,” see Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting 130);
  • +1 studded leather,
  • 8400gp robe of protection from fire (resist fire 5 + endure heat)
  • 2400gp gloves of resist fire (negate fire damage when touching)
  • 2400gp goggles of resist blindness (+5 save vs. effect that causes blindness)
  • rod of command undead (evil, sold)



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