Savage Tide 2011

Session #6

The party fights a Naga that tricked them into thinking it was undead, then had to go back and fight the room fulla monkeys, then on to the shrine to Demagorgon in a room with an express elevator to the Abyss, but they run away with Urol when the Demagorgon status comes to live to kick their asses.


  • Kraftur
  • Dee
  • Vespasion


  • 1200 xp Naga
  • 400 xp Valve Trap
  • 1200 xp Baboon Mob
  • 400 xp Fireball Trap
  • 1600 xp Olangru


  • 3563 gp Naga horde
  • 2613 gp Mob horde


  • Kraftur: 3000 gp for potions
  • Dee: 1500 gp for potions
  • Vespasion: 3000 gp for potions



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