Savage Tide 2011

Session #8

The party fights some pirates that have come to raid Farshore and learn that they’re merely the advance staff for an invasion fleet coming in about two months. To get start prep for the attack from the Crimson fleet the party goes to get aid from the Olman, come in at the time the natives are having a seance with their fire-bat-god, who is pissed that his favorite bat idol has gone missing. The party fights fire bat elemental things.


  • Dee
  • Kraftur
  • Vespasion
  • Kyzara


  • 150 xp rescue from house on fire
  • 150 xp aid dying alchemist
  • 150 xp orc chasing redhead
  • 150 xp hostages in the chapel
  • 1070 the pirate captain and his gang
  • 1200 interrogation of Lefty
  • 1200 fire bats



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