Savage Tide 2011

Session #9

Your Bat Fire God is Like Grumpy Santa


Across the bay the party landed on the black sandy shore below the Fangs and followed their Olman guide to the entrance of the Shrine of Zotzilaha. There they ventured forth and suffering the terrible heat of the volcano’s tunnels came to the blazing chamber of sacrifice. Having returned the idol to its rightful place, Zotzihala was pleased and bestowed gifts of thanks to the party. Their mission complete, the party returned to Tanaroa to speak with J’kal. From there the party turned around and headed straight back to the same beach and from there went to the tar pits where the confronted one of the island’s most infamous inhabitants.


  • 1,200 stampede of dinosaurs
  • 4,800 return of bat idol/parley with Zotzilaha
  • 400 dive bombing dinosaurs
  • 2,400 Temauhti-tecuani


  • 1363 gp ea. worth of treasure
  • +1 cold iron kukri 3,200 gp (available)
  • raw materials for several suits of mwk, +1 hide armor
  • teeth and talons suitable for magic weapon, mwk exotic weapons and trophies



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