Stats: Str – 10, Dex – 21, Con – 8, Int – 16, Wis 7, Cha – 12

AC: 23

Saves: Fort – 2 Ref – 12 Will – 1

Base Attack Bonus – 6 CMB – 5 CMD – 20

Weapons: +2 Rapier Masterwork Shortbow Masterwork Dagger

Notable Skills: Acrobatics – 17 Climb – 12 Disable Device – 13 Disguise – 9 Escape Artist – 15 Knowledge (Dungeoneering) – 13 Knowledge (Local) – 10 Perception – 10 Ride – 13 Sleight of Hand – 14 Stealth – 19 Swim – 10

Feats: Dodge, Mobility, Weapon Finesse, Nimble Moves

Special Abilities: Finesse Rogue Fast Stealth Bleeding Attack Deft Dodger Child of the Streets


Like most halfling’s Dee spent the majority of his young life traveling in a caravan with his family. While stopped at a city, Dee’s father was murdered over an argument at a local tavern. The man accused was found innocent and thus never jailed or executed. Even at age 12 Dee insisted that he stayed behind to avenge his father. His mother, fearing for her son, said no.

After 5 more years living with the caravan Dee decided to go look for the man that murdered his father. Traveling alone was a shock for Dee, but after a few weeks he got used to it and began to embrace it. When he finally found and cornered his fathers killer he couldn’t bring himself to finish the job. He let the man go and spent several weeks wandering the streets in a dejected cloud of thought. He realized during this time that he needed an outlet for the pain he held inside.

Dee’s past has made him bitter. He doesn’t like speaking and unless he has a very strong opinion about something, will keep it to himself. At night he typically sits alone and appears to be in deep thought.

Dee prefers to avoid physical conflict of any kind. He doesn’t mind backing up others, but if given the choice he’d avoid it. While spending time hunting for his fathers murderer Dee learned some very important skills. Most importantly he learned to move quickly and quietly. He sees himself as an effective scout, and takes pride in his ability to get into places he doesn’t belong without being caught.


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