Boris (Decesed)

A ranger with a grudge


STR 13 Dex 18 Con 10 Int 9 Wis 15 Cha 8

Weapons- +2 composite longbow +1 Battleaxe Masterwork Dagger

Notable Skills (over a +5 bonus) Acrobatics Climb Heal Intimidate Knowledge (nature) Perception Stealth Survival Swim

Favored Enemies: Goblinoids Undead

Favorite Terrain Forest


Boris was raised in a tiny village by his poor human merchant father, bordering the Orc lands controlled by his mother. He taught himself the art of the bow and took to hunting to feed him and his father, who was usually penniless due to his poor eye for sound investments.

Boris tells very little else about his history, and will only pick up stories much later when he’s on his own with nothing more then a bow, the leather on his back, and one undead slaying arrow. He was taken in by a half-elf druid, Horatio, and in exchange for his hunting ability, he was taught the ways of the wild, becoming the full fledged ranger he is to this day. While in service to Horatio, Boris encountered a wolf cub who had lost its mother to a goblin hunting party. He took in the cub and raised it as his own, affectionately naming him Jr.

Boris was never blessed with good looks or a firm grasp on social graces, but was gifted with a strong cunning and sharp mind. He prides himself on his abilities and always looks to fill the scout and archer niche of any group in which he finds himself. Boris is well aware of the advantages of a strong network of fellow adventurers, but wanderlust, the ever present hunt, and his short lifespan hanging over his head keeps him from becoming too involved in any one organization for very long, but he is never one to leave a job half done. He is prone to distrust, if not outright become aggressive with people he sees as being evasive or tricky, to the point of an out right prejudice against gnomes and halflings he does not know well.

Boris was killed on the Isle of Dread while attempting to fight off a murder of Gargoyles.

Boris (Decesed)

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