Female with soft features hidden beneath layers of cloaths packs and cloak. Accompained by a raven, usually perched upon her shoulder.


LVL 7 Witch CG ELF

STR:10 DEX:14 CON:10 INT:18 WIS:10 CHA:12

HP:25 AC:19 (w/ Mage Armor)


A fair looking female of elvish decent. Kyzara seemingly hides within her abundant packs, pouches and cloaks. At a young age she knew she was different. Strange powers always seemed attracted to her, but these weren’t the arcane arts familiar to her people. They weren’t learned, and they certainly come naturally to Kyzara. Power none the less came to her, and she as well as her family and community feared what brought this power.

At an early age Kyzara journeyed from her homeland. Taking odd and end jobs while exploring and learning of her powers, she eventually set off to sea. She had heard of a people who might be able to help her understand her powers. Fate as always seemed to be the case was not on her side. The ship was capsized during a terrible storm and when Kyzara came back from unconsciousness she found herself alone on a jungle island. Using her powers she has managed to stay hidden and survive alone from the many dangerous creatures lurking about.

Years later she now sees hope of making it off the island. She has found a group seemingly intent on studying island. They just may be her ticket from being stranded on the island. If they live long enough that is….


Savage Tide 2011 bluntaxe