The sickly trailfinder.


Skald is a shifty-looking, hunch-shouldered character with pale skin, a nasal voice, and unsettling eyes. Yet despite appearances, Skald is an honorable and courageous man. A former advisor to corrupt Councilman Rashlen in the foul waterfront far to the northeast known as the Styes, Skald fled after discovering just how evil his boss was. In the process of fleeing the Styes, Skald torched one of Rashlen’s warehouses (which, at the time, was being used to store a large amount of opiates).


Since his flight, Skald’s dodged Rashlen’s agents nonstop, and as a result has taken to jumping at shadows. Skald’s gift for navigation and his eagerness to join the expedition (he asked only for room and board for the voyage) are the primary reasons Lavinia invited him along.


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