Savage Tide 2011

Session #5
From Bad to Fogmire, 10th of Gozran, 4710

Taking the passage inland the party descends into a fog-shrouded depression with damp earth and a creepy feeling that seems to hang in the air with the fog. Our heroes soon discover there is no way out and are presently ambushed by the very same aberration that harassed them on the cliff path, who abscond with Urol. Suffering from bad nightmares, the party feels their way to the focus of the fog, an ominous cavern wherein they discover evidence of Urol and puzzle their way into the inner reaches of the demonic lair. At that moment they are attacked by female versions of the simian demon who has been giving them so much trouble, and narrowly defeat them. Now all they have to do is find Urol – simple as that. Or is it? To be continued…


  • 750 xp Ambush in the ruins
  • 1200 xp Cave-in trap at cave entrance
  • 0 xp Skill challenge with the prisoner corpse [FAILED, no XP]
  • 535 xp Puzzle/trap at the doors
  • 975 xp Puzzle in the mirror chamber
  • 2130 xp Encounter with demon harem
  • 100 xp (Elahn only, ad hoc) for Diplomacy to calm caravan





Session #3
Now leaving Terror Bird Jungle, 1st of Gozran, 4710

The party emerges from the Ziggarat and finds their way back on course. They soon arrive at the foot of the mountain range of the peninsula they must cut across to save time on their journey. The “pass” that Urol described turns out to be a cave, a tunnel, the entrance to which is guarded by a mother terror bird and her mates. The party cuts through the beasts and plunges into the darkness.

The tunnel is very long, miles in fact, and ends at a dungeon complex, the first room provides welcome respite from the drudgery of plodding through endless tunnels. There is a magical water fountain in the room, which is both refreshing and also holding a secret treasure. There are two treasures in this room, actually. The other is a magic spear is lodged into a wooden chair through the bones of a humanoid creature that once sat there.

The next room is a cavern, a gash in the rocks leading down 60 feet into a pool of water. Curiously the entry to this room was found to be covered in runes to ward away vermin. Vermin there are. On two bridged across the gorge, swarms of poisonous centipedes and one enormous on block the path. The largest centipede was so large its corpse was difficult to navigate and the with took a dive into the water at the bottom of the room. The next room they entered featured a Black Pudding they could not defeat, and the fourth room hid a secret burial chamber guarded by three mummies.

In the last room there was a magical door, cursed and broken, which could only be opened by inserting two magical, glowing rods in to nearby pedestals and rotated. The doors, Urol discovers, were once used by the ancient Olman (he calls them Azlanti) to close by themselves and keep out the sea at high tide and had since malfunctioned, never to open again.

Beyond the sea gate doors a small beach led down to where a school of sharks had penned in, or were awaiting the escape of a school of fish from a tidal pool. The span of 80 feet could be traversed by walking on a sandy bar that got chest-deep in the middle, but of course there are sharks to consider.

Notable Development

Urol was very eager to glean whatever he could from the ruins of this dungeon. Once the rest of the caravan arrived, Father Feres and Tavney were able to help him interpret the signs to learn some key facts about this place.

  1. The man in the chair was called the “Watcher” and was “shrouded in mist” and would “ensure the traveler observed the traditions.”
  2. The man in the burial chamber was “Duatoa” (Linguistics check from Fr. Feres)
  3. He built the tunnel, the dungeon and the cliff-side passage, and was much respected by the leaders of the Tomachan and Quatalchan city-states those passages joined, and he gave them gifts of some unknown description. (Urol history check)
  4. The gods of these people were offended by Duatoa and cursed his family lineage to produce none of tall stature (religion check by Tavney)


  • 400 xp for terror birds
  • 1200 xp for centipede
  • 600 xp for ?
  • 100 xp for ?
  • 1200 xp for mummies
  • 400 xp for ?


terror bird nest
  • 975 gp
  • terror bird chicks (500 gp) claimed by Kraftur (x2, 1000 gp), Dee (500 gp)
watcher room
  • glowing red rod (110 gp) claimed by Kraftur
burial chamber
  • 1250 gp
  • glowing blue rod (110 gp) claimed by Kraftur

player prestige

  • +1 prestige for Pathfinders for exploring every room of the dungeon
Session #2
A beach on the Island of Dread, Pharast 29 AR 4710. Shipwrecked with a long walk ahead of you.

After returning from digging up burred treasure, the party returned to the beach with plans to rest and recover only to find out that the beach has been taken over by the terrible birds that attacked them in the jungle. Apparently, the corpse of the T-Rex was on their dinner menu. Tavney alone stood over the yet unburied corpse of Rev. Dang, bravely defending his fallen hero from being devoured by ravenous, monster birds. Meanwhile, the rest of the castaways had fled into the jungle. All were witness then to a minor miracle when Tavney becamed possessed of the power of Sarenrae and fended off the hungry advance from a Terror Bird.

Rev. Dang was burred then, and the castaways moved inland to camp. A night and a day and a night passed without incident and the party could see the southern mountain range through the trees at last as they continued south their third day on the island. They came upon a totem that got Urol excited, and he led them on a slight detour through some ancient ruins to discover an overgrown ziggurat.

Most of the party got stoned by the basilisk using the entrance as their lair. Between some fresh basilisk blood and Urol’s two doses of magical ointment all the humanoid members of the party, though the ranger’s dog, Junior, is now, sadly, a small monument. The party almost got eaten by a mimic posing as a well using two rubies with continual light on them as a lure and were caught in a map room with a wall of fire sweeping through it, badly burning a couple members.

Through a tight squeeze, down a passage, they entered an antechamber with a passage blocked with a wall of iron trap already triggered. They battered down the wall and found another map room, this one the domain of a demon who flew around and made fun of the party while doing mean things like flinging a held halfling at the fighter as a missile weapon.

Ill prepared for a fight with demon kind (no cold iron to be found anywhere among the party’s arsenal) it was a difficult and tedious fight. Ultimately through a combination of magical enfeeblement and the fighter’s fearsome grapple, the demon was defeated.

Notable Development

Urol claims that the bat idol (radiates magic and identified as some sort of key) is not of Azlanti manufacture. Urol has been trying, it seems, to find proof that the ancient people of this land are decedents of the Azlanti, the fabled, “original” man. Finding an artifact made of gold, Urol says, is inconsistent with Azlanti culture and either he’s wrong about the Olman being Azlanti, or else this object isn’t supposed to be here.


  • Kraftur buys 4x potion of cure lt from caravan (200gp)
  • Boris buys 3x potion of cure lt from caravan (150gp)

XP Awards

  • Basilisk guardians: 1600 xp
  • Mimic well: 400 xp
  • Wall of fire trap: 600 xp
  • Sutolore: 1200 xp


Basilisk nest:
  • 1600 gp ea.
  • Kraftur claims 2 eggs (500 gp value)
Pit under mimic:
  • 750 gp ea.
  • Kraftur, Kizara and Dooley each claim magic dagger (1010 gp value)
Burial chamber:
  • 1250 gp ea.
  • Dee and Boris claimed the magic bat idol for 3,800 gp

Player Prestige

  • +2 prestige for Pathfinders for exploring every room of dungeon and finding important relic
Session #1
Southern Arcadian Ocean, Pharast 29 AR 4710. You're on a boat.

Dramatis Personae

  • Boris [played by Johnny]
  • Dang (deseased) [played by Daniel]
  • Dee [played by Daniel]
  • Kraftur [played by Jim]
  • Venyu [played by Anthony]


The voyage had been long but not too dangerous. You had the feeling, though, that was about to change. The boat being dashed upon Masher’s Reef, however, still came as a surprise. When you went to help out on deck you blessed (or cursed, if you’re the half-empty sort) your timing as just then an enormous eel climbed up out of the water to try to eat your crew. Handily defeating the creature with a combination of deft shots and enfeebling magic, it soon sank back into the sea. The ship was a lost cause, though, and although every person on board worked the bucket brigade, exhaustion wore everyone down and the drifting ship eventually grounded itself and rolled, depositing you into the sea.

When the dawn came, you found yourself washed up on the shore of an island. Unable to catch a break, the sound of voices and activity attracted the attention of a T-Rex. The T-Rex swallowed several people, and the priest, named Dang, got bit in half. Bye Dang.

A treasure map found in a chest washed up on shore led the party out into the jungle along a stream, where they were set upon by three huge, terrible, flightless birds. The ranger succeeded in distracting one of the birds, and the fighter, named Kraftur, dispatched another almost before the rest of the party could act. Although the remaining birds did get a couple of bites in, the party saw to the remaining birds with little trouble.

XP Awards

  • Masher at Masher’s Reef: 800 xp ea.
  • T-Rex on island beach: 2,130 xp ea. (Dee recieves 1/2 xp for this encounter)
  • Terror birds at buried treasure: 600 xp ea.


Locked chest found on beach:
  • 957 gp ea.
  • Boris claimed 2x jems (100gp ea.)
  • Boris claimed 1 silver flask (100 gp.)
  • Venyu claimed 1 silver flask (100 gp.)
  • Dee claimed vial of magic dust for (1,200 gp)
Buried chest marked on map:
  • 2,755 gp ea.
  • Dee claimed wooden box with magic marble inside for (3000 gp)
Previously On Savage Tide
From an earlier group...

The early sessions:

  1. Formed a guild called the Animated Dead with a womanizing, half-orc, bard named Giff.
  2. Giff secured a patron for the guild, an heiress to wealthy estate, Lavinia Vanderboren
  3. Lavinia Vanderboren’s parents had recently died in a mysterious fire aboard one of their ships
  4. Lavinia needs a key that is on the Blue Nixie, the Vanderboren’s 2nd sailing ship, to secure her inheritance, and the harbor master’s lackeys won’t release the ship to her custody. The party is sent to sort out the lackeys.
  5. The key is secured and the party escorts Lavinia to the vault, only to discover the vault has been mostly looted. It turns out to have been Lavinia’s estranged brother, Vanthus, who has walked off with the fortune. How he got in without the key is mysterious.
  6. Lavinia tasks the party to find Vanthus. After a week of searching they get a lead and is tricked into a deadly dungeon where the party finds clues to indicate Vanthus is part of a thieve’s guild in the Sunrise district called the Lotus Dragons.
  7. The party seeks out the Lotus Dragons at the Taxidermists’ Guildhall, a suspected front for the hideout, and are thwarted. A new approach is needed.

4/21/09 Dateline, Sasserine, May 1st. You tried to return to the Taxidermists’ Guildhall only to find that Nemien had flown the coop and locked up the shop tight.

The local inhabitants seemed to keep an eye on you. You attempted to play it cool, sending the two most conspicuous members of your party to stroll up the street, and the two more stealty types went on stakeout duties.

A stealthy type playing for the other team got the drop on the ranger, but failed to knock him out. Battle ensued. Party won, but the bad guys got away. Two went down the well in Dead Dog Alley, one went into the canal and swam up under the embankment, and dissapeared.

Snowwatch: “Do you think we should get the watch involved…”

Title Screen: SAVAGE TIDE: Sasserine!

Fade from black…

Sun is high in the sky on a clear day. It smells like a city by the sea.

4/28/09 Dateline, Dead Dog Alley, May 1st. You took the plunge down the well and after negotiating the rope and water below you lit a torch. When you lit the torch a crocodile was let loose to attack from the West, while crossbow bolts rained down from every other direction and water began to flood the chamber from the a spout in the East wall.

You defeated the crocodile, forcing him to retreat, and have gathered together in the Western passage away from the raising waters and crossbow crossfire of the chamber beneath the well.

Walt: “So, is the coast clear?”

Title Screen: SAVAGE TIDE: Sasserine

Fade from black…

The light of the torch light flickers and the sound of dripping water echos in the passage. You are all soaking wet. Dudley barks loudly in the direction of the retreating crocodile. It smells of earth and mold.

5/19/09 Dateline, Under Dead Dog Alley, May 1st. Having found the concealed, elevated passage into passages that go around the chamber under the well, the party encountered a pair of rogue-ish characters who put up some resistance. After beating down the 2nd of the hand-crossbow and rapier armed guards, the cleric stabilized the foe.

Snowwatch: “Is he breathing? Is he awake? I want to question him.”

Title Screen: SAVAGE TIDE: Sasserine

Fade from black…

The ragged breathing of the man on the floor lets you know he’s still among the living, but he appears to be worse for wear and unresponsive to your questions. He’s probably unconscious. The room you are in is lit with a torch suspended from the south-east side of the room by a torch sconce.

5/26/09 Dateline, Lair of the Lotus Dragons, May 2nd. Unable to find any passage from the well at Dead Dog Alley into the lair of the Lotus Dragons, the party decided to give the apparent escape route of the third villian’s apparent escape route. Jumping into the canal at the same point as the rogue, Snowwatch located a retractable wooden gate under a dessicated pier. Swimming inside he saw he’d found passage into a dimly lit cavern. After returning with his companions, the party was attacked by half-shark, half-manta ray beasts and were forced up onto a small beach within the cavern, nearly beaten.

Snowwatch: “We should have done this better. We could have gotten a boat.”

Title Screen: SAVAGE TIDE: Sasserine

Fade from black…


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