Savage Tide 2011

Previously On Savage Tide
From an earlier group...

The early sessions:

  1. Formed a guild called the Animated Dead with a womanizing, half-orc, bard named Giff.
  2. Giff secured a patron for the guild, an heiress to wealthy estate, Lavinia Vanderboren
  3. Lavinia Vanderboren’s parents had recently died in a mysterious fire aboard one of their ships
  4. Lavinia needs a key that is on the Blue Nixie, the Vanderboren’s 2nd sailing ship, to secure her inheritance, and the harbor master’s lackeys won’t release the ship to her custody. The party is sent to sort out the lackeys.
  5. The key is secured and the party escorts Lavinia to the vault, only to discover the vault has been mostly looted. It turns out to have been Lavinia’s estranged brother, Vanthus, who has walked off with the fortune. How he got in without the key is mysterious.
  6. Lavinia tasks the party to find Vanthus. After a week of searching they get a lead and is tricked into a deadly dungeon where the party finds clues to indicate Vanthus is part of a thieve’s guild in the Sunrise district called the Lotus Dragons.
  7. The party seeks out the Lotus Dragons at the Taxidermists’ Guildhall, a suspected front for the hideout, and are thwarted. A new approach is needed.

4/21/09 Dateline, Sasserine, May 1st. You tried to return to the Taxidermists’ Guildhall only to find that Nemien had flown the coop and locked up the shop tight.

The local inhabitants seemed to keep an eye on you. You attempted to play it cool, sending the two most conspicuous members of your party to stroll up the street, and the two more stealty types went on stakeout duties.

A stealthy type playing for the other team got the drop on the ranger, but failed to knock him out. Battle ensued. Party won, but the bad guys got away. Two went down the well in Dead Dog Alley, one went into the canal and swam up under the embankment, and dissapeared.

Snowwatch: “Do you think we should get the watch involved…”

Title Screen: SAVAGE TIDE: Sasserine!

Fade from black…

Sun is high in the sky on a clear day. It smells like a city by the sea.

4/28/09 Dateline, Dead Dog Alley, May 1st. You took the plunge down the well and after negotiating the rope and water below you lit a torch. When you lit the torch a crocodile was let loose to attack from the West, while crossbow bolts rained down from every other direction and water began to flood the chamber from the a spout in the East wall.

You defeated the crocodile, forcing him to retreat, and have gathered together in the Western passage away from the raising waters and crossbow crossfire of the chamber beneath the well.

Walt: “So, is the coast clear?”

Title Screen: SAVAGE TIDE: Sasserine

Fade from black…

The light of the torch light flickers and the sound of dripping water echos in the passage. You are all soaking wet. Dudley barks loudly in the direction of the retreating crocodile. It smells of earth and mold.

5/19/09 Dateline, Under Dead Dog Alley, May 1st. Having found the concealed, elevated passage into passages that go around the chamber under the well, the party encountered a pair of rogue-ish characters who put up some resistance. After beating down the 2nd of the hand-crossbow and rapier armed guards, the cleric stabilized the foe.

Snowwatch: “Is he breathing? Is he awake? I want to question him.”

Title Screen: SAVAGE TIDE: Sasserine

Fade from black…

The ragged breathing of the man on the floor lets you know he’s still among the living, but he appears to be worse for wear and unresponsive to your questions. He’s probably unconscious. The room you are in is lit with a torch suspended from the south-east side of the room by a torch sconce.

5/26/09 Dateline, Lair of the Lotus Dragons, May 2nd. Unable to find any passage from the well at Dead Dog Alley into the lair of the Lotus Dragons, the party decided to give the apparent escape route of the third villian’s apparent escape route. Jumping into the canal at the same point as the rogue, Snowwatch located a retractable wooden gate under a dessicated pier. Swimming inside he saw he’d found passage into a dimly lit cavern. After returning with his companions, the party was attacked by half-shark, half-manta ray beasts and were forced up onto a small beach within the cavern, nearly beaten.

Snowwatch: “We should have done this better. We could have gotten a boat.”

Title Screen: SAVAGE TIDE: Sasserine

Fade from black…


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