The Arcanamirium is Absalom’s foremost magical academy. Practicality and generalism are emphasized there at the expense of f lashiness, abstraction, and specialization. Journeymen are encouraged to practice and experiment with industrial and commercial uses for magic, and many of Absalom’s export goods owe their higher quality to the innovations of an Arcanamirium maven’s transmutations. The Arcanamirium strives to populate the world with wizards who are capable of using magic to help those around them, not just in times of crisis but for everyday needs as well.

Gaining Prestige

Gaining prestige within the academy is often as simple as contributing new information, such as a new spell or magic item not found elsewhere in the school. Solving a high-profile problem in a way that emphasizes the value of practical magic can bring prestige as well, especially if it is done in the public eye. In addition to specific missions furthering the goals of the Arcanamirium, members gain 1 PA each time.


The Arcanamirium has one of the largest libraries of magic scholarship in western Golarion. Students can browse at will through the main stacks, which include every major scholarly work on combining magic with almost every human endeavor.

Restricted sections relate to topics deemed too dangerous for students or secrets held closely by the Arcanamirium. Most obscure and dangerous spells (and all those with the evil descriptor) reside in the special sections.

In addition to spells and scholarly works, the Arcanamirium is filled with scholars who are willing to trade or even give away information on magical techniques. There is an informal information chain, and questions about a particular topic will eventually be directed to an expert on the field in question.

(see Faction Guide for specific rewards)


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