Isle of Dread

Modern day discovery by Rory Barbarosa, his journal inspiring many failed attempts to travel there. Captain “Mad” Madsen Attir, one of Barbarosa’s crewmen, created first accurate seacharts to the Isle of Dread aboard the Morningstar. Larissa Iomundi, one of just a few to obtain the maps, was on that voyage. Several years after returning Larissa marries Verik Vanderboren. They get funding from Lord Manthalay Meravanchi (a famous explorer of the Mwangi Expanse and most reputable/honorable of the Meravanchi noble house) and all of them returned to the Isle of Dread to found the colony of Farshore.


Reports of the Vanderboren expedition to the Isle of Dread indicate that unlike the exploits written in the Barbarosa journals, the Vanderborens gained the trust of the natives and traded with them. The Seven Villages (the Olman tribes) assented to giving over control of the 25-square-mile islet of Temute (“the abandoned place”) to the colonists. Temute had been uninhabited for years, the reason is unclear, and the Olman are reluctant to go there.

The Vanderborens set out for the Isle of Dread in 1406 (four years ago), negotiated with the Olman for help building the colony, started construction, ran out of metal (because the natives don’t produce any), left Lord Manthalay in charge while they started the return trip to get provisions, lost the ship The Mercurial to a sea monster, took several months to repair the Blue Nixie and then had trouble organizing the third expedition. They had just bought a replacement for The Mercurial and were taking it for a test trip when their son, Vanthus Vanderboren, burnt the ship to the water line, with his parents Larissa and Verik aboard.

Lavinia Vanderboren

The daughter of Larissa and Verik Vanderboren, their eldest child, Lavinia Vanderboren, inherited her parents fortune. Vanthus tried to steal all the wealth from the family vault, but Lavinia manged to retreive her parent’s travel journal and contracts for the return trip. Lavinia was nearly killed when backlash from some more of her brother’s bad deeds landed on her doorstep (literally). Undeterred, Lavinia found another ship, the Sea Wyvern, and followed through on her parents’ plan to return to Farshore with provisions. She traveled in the Blue Nixie, which was separated from the Sea Wyvern in a storm part way through the trip.

Vanthus Vanderboren

A bad dude. Once a close friend and playmate to his older sister Lavinia, the two got into a lot of mischief together. Both were fine until an unfortunate incident that Lavinia refuses to discuss in detail, but about which the diligent investigator would discover involved Vanthus being inadvertently dosed with a love potion in the presence of his sister while attempting to spike the local water supply. His parents sent him away to let the effects wear off, but instead it developed into an insane hatred for his parents and pathological obsession with his sister.

After returning to the Vanderboren mansion and getting kicked out again he joined an organized crime gang called the Lotus Dragons and killed his parents in an elaborate plot of revenge and rite of initiation. Then he double-crossed the crime boss to try and get his hands on a magical weapon of mass destruction, which was accidentally triggered during the attempted theft, causing the “Savage Tide” effect, for which the seller of the item sought revenge on the Vanderboren estate, resulting in Lavinia’s near death at the hands of Boggards and a half-orc barbarian, first mate to the famous privateer, Harliss Javell.

Vanthus was seen escaping to sea aboard a stolen vessel.


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