Located in the islet of Tetmute among the villages of the Olman on the Isle of Dread.

Farshore (hamlet): Convetional; AL NG; Population 240; 800gp limit (Farshore’s resources and lack of real competition grant the hamlet a higher gp limit than normal); Assets 9,600gp; Isolated (220 humans, 7 half-elves, 6 halflings, 4 dwarves, 3 gnomes1).

Authourity Figures:

  • Lady Lavinia Vanderboren, nominee for Farshore lord mayor (female human)
  • Lord Manthalay Meravanchi, nominee for Fashore lord mayor (male human)
  • Professor Aldwattle, Council Member (male human)
  • Vesserin Catherly, Chaplain and Council Member (male half-elf)
  • Telda Syren Council Member (female half-elf)
  • Militia Captain Ulvar Kabbanja, Council Member (male human)


Reports of the Vanderboren expedition to the Isle of Dread indicate that unlike the exploits written in the Barbarosa journals, the Vanderborens gained the trust of the natives and traded with them. The Seven Villages (the Olman tribes) assented to giving over control of the 25-square-mile islet of Temute (“the abandoned place”) to the colonists. Temute had been uninhabited for years, the reason is unclear, and the Olman are reluctant to go there.

The Vanderborens set out for the Isle of Dread in 1406 FR/4703 AR (four years ago), negotiated with the Olman for help building the colony, started construction, ran out of metal (because the natives don’t produce any), left Lord Manthalay in charge while they started the return trip to get provisions, lost the ship The Mercurial to a sea monster, took several months to repair the Blue Nixie and then had trouble organizing the third expedition. They had just bought a replacement for The Mercurial and were taking it for a test trip when their son, Vanthus Vanderboren, burnt the ship to the water line, with his parents Larissa and Verik aboard.


Farshore map

Map Key

  1. Farshore Docks
  2. Warehouses
  3. Palisade
  4. Watchtowers
  5. South Gate
  6. Farshore Cemetery
  7. East Gate
  8. Militia Barracks
  9. Vanderboren Manor
  10. Meravanchi Manor
  11. The Clayworks
  12. Sellis Woodworks and Smithy
  13. Tehrik’s Tannery
  14. The Last Coconut
  15. Farshore Chapel
  16. Hall of Records
  17. The Infirmary
  18. Greenhouse
  19. Professor Aldwattle’s Laboratory
  20. Farshore Farms (small holdings)


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