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Welcome to Farshore!

Lady Lavinia Vanderboren relied upon your heroic efforts to secure her legacy. Now it’s up to you to claim your destiny. Lavinia’s parents left her a stake in their foreign venture, a promising settlement on an island kept secret and unspoiled all these years. Lavinia has promised a share of her position in Farshore to you band of heroes. The Isle of Dread, however, is far from tame, there are rival interests that complicate matters and Lavinia’s dark past (as well as yours) might still catch up with you in unexpected ways.

Want to join the party? Giff Giffson now accepting applications.


  • Background to Part II of the Savage Tide Adventure Path. SPOILER ALERT. Do not read if your party has not yet taken the voyage across the ocean to the Isle of Dread.





Main Page

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