Savage Tide 2011

Session #13


The party realizes that while they might know that Farshore’s chaplain is in fact a zombie-commanding, evil-worshiping bad guy, convincing the rest of the colony is another matter. To complicate things, the that absence of a lord-mayor means that the council must preside over any trial, and council members must be removed by unanimous consent first. Off to get some evidence to bolster their claims, the party makes a nearly impossible feat of tracking though the colony and into the forest via the east gate. In the jungle the party encountered the subject of their tracking quarry in a spy-vs-spy fashion. It turns out to be some dinosaur animal companions and a drow who died too easily to be questioned. From there they deduced the area that the drow was patrolling to protect, the top of a nearby hill, one of the highest points on the island. There the party discovered a mining camp with troglodyte slaves and dwarven slave drivers. The camp residents didn’t offer much resistance. After looking around for clues the party descended into the mine to look for answers. The party found a dark naga extorting the miners for access to the copper ore, but no further clues were present.


  1. According to Lavinia, who has been digging thought the surviving colony records, the village had trouble with troglodytes raiders, an expedition dispatched to deal with them. The mission was reported to be a success but there were casualties, including lord Manthalay’s steward.
  2. This island is taboo for the Olman, who regard it as cursed. The nature of the curse is not widely k own, but the zombie master in Farshore right now has revealed that it was rumored to be related to losing control of their undead guardians.
  3. In a chest inside the mining camp office there was a ledger, indecipherable by the party, but marked with the sigil of house Meravanchi.
  4. In the desk inside the office is another ledger, this one seemingly accounting loads of ore and ingots of refined copper.
  5. No copper ingots were anywhere to be found in the mining camp.


  • 800 drow ranger
  • 400 slaver camp
  • 1200 dark naga



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