Savage Tide 2011

Session Summary

Timeline and Experience Roundup

Experience Roundup

If you have been playing since ____ session (fill in the blank), you should have this (see table below) experience.

  • #13 = 25,400 xp-going into Temute’s interior in search of evidence
  • #12 = 25,400 xp-arriving back in Farshore to discover it under zombie attack
  • #11 = 32,390 xp-making your way back from rakasta weapon horde
  • #10 = 38,414 xp-phanaton village, emererald anaconda, rakasta horde
  • #09 = 47,214 xp-fire bat god lair, tar pits (t-rex)

Adventure Timeline

28 Southern Arcadian Ocean, you’re on a boat; Session 1
29 A beach on the Island of Dread. Shipwrecked with a long walk ahead of you.; Session 2
1 Terror Bird Jungle. Heading into pass under mountain; Session 3
3 South side of mountain pass, you start journey along the cliffs; Session 4
10 Southern end of cliffs, you get trapped in Fogmire; Session 5
12 Fogmire, you find the cave to the shrine; Session 5
13 Fogmire, you are victorious at the shrine; Session 6
17 The Great Wall, you meet the Olmans Session 7
18 Arrive in Farshore, defeats pirates Session 8
21 Fight fire bats at Olman village Session 8
23 Go into the fangs and parley with god Zotzahila Session 9
25 Go back to Olman village
28 Glorious defeat of Temauhti-tecuani at tar pits
Desnus (DEZ-nuhs)
3 Get elected “chief for the day” at Phanaton village Session 10
4 Discover weapons cache at the Temple of the Jaguar Session 10
7 Ambushed in jungle just north of tar pits Session 11
10 Protect Farshore from Zombie attack Session 12
11 Find slaver camp on hill in Temute Session 13
>15 Election of Farshore Lord-Mayor
Sarenith (sa-REHN-ihth)
>15 Crimson Fleet arrives +/- 7 days



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