Sorcerers and wizards are rarely found without some sort of small creature soaring above them or perching on their shoulders. Those visiting the Isle of Dread might find they have a number of additional options when choosing familiars.

While the bat, hawk, lizard, owl, rat, snake, and toad familiars can all be found on the island, the other standard choices cannot. in addition, the following creatures can be called to serve. Note that none of these choices require the Improved Familiar feat.

Monkey: Tiny monkeys can be found all across the Isle of Dread, hiding in the trees and avoiding larger predators. As familiars, monkeys tend to be curious and easily agitated, spending much of their time climbing about their masters or grooming them. A monkey can be taken as a familiar by a 1st level spellcaster. A character with a monkey familiar gains a +l bonus on Climb checks. Monkey familiar

Needletooth: This Tiny dinosaur is known for traveling in packs and for its bloodthirsty nature. Alone as familiars, they can be quite territorial about their masters, snipping at anyone who draws too close. Use the statistics for the lizard found on page 275 of the Monster Manual. In addition, anyone bit by a needletooth bleeds for 1 round, losing 1 hit point the following round. This bleeding can be stopped by a DC 10 Heal check or the application of a cure spell or some other healing magic, A needletooth can be taken as a familiar by a 1st-level spellcaster. A character with a needletooth familiar gains a +3 bonus on Hide checks in forest or jungle environments.

Parrot: These colorful birds are found all over the Isle of Dread. Use the same statistics for the raven found on page 278 of the Monster Manual. A parrot can speak one language of its master’s choosing as a supernatural ability. A character with a parrot familiar gains a +3 bonus on Appraise checks. A parrot can be taken as a familiar by a 1st-level spellcaster.


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